40 Forms of Intimacy®

By Alex A. Avila

Are you ready to go deeper in your relationship?

Many couples feel disconnected in their relationship. Other couples may feel connected but desire a deeper intimacy together. But couples at all stages of their relationship simply don’t need to hope for a stronger connection!

And by the way, what is intimacy? For starters, intimacy is more than sex. The truth is, many couples may not experience much intimacy during sex when they don’t feel connected in other relationship areas.

Intimacy is the feeling whenever love, safety and connection are personally or relationally experienced in a couple relationship.

Do you want a greater and regular sense of love, safety and connection in your relationship? Read on.

Who should read this book?                                                           

Couples just launching their relationship, couples who have been together many years, and couples who feel distant and stuck in conflict cycles can all benefit from this revolutionary look at romantic connection.

From a licensed professional counselor who is passionate about helping couples connect, couples will learn about the hows and whys of good couple communication and about the value and power of trust, acceptance and having fun!

But these are only 4 of the 40 ways they can experience a sense of peace, joy and closeness in their most important relationship!

A lifelong intimate relationship begins and happens one daily intimate encounter at a time. And we now have a real hope along with numerous practical and customizable ideas for each individual’s preferences and couple’s dynamics.

Connect with us today to learn more about Intimacy! It could change the way you experience your relationship, and your life.

About the Author

Alex A. Avila is a licensed professional counselor by the State of Colorado. He has advanced training in couple therapy …read more.

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