A Positive Loving Cycle

All too often we can become stuck in negative cycles in our relationship that leave us feeling distant and hopeless that anything could change. Sometimes we need a little help from trusted friends, caring family, and trained professionals.

And many times we can examine ourselves and consider how our partner is experiencing us. There is a path to intimacy that begins with steps that we, ourselves, must take that can ignite natural and deep expressions of love and intimacy.

Like negative cycles, this loving cycle can start anywhere. And this will be a cycle you will want to see full circle and full time!


A Positive Loving Cycle

Where there is intimacy and love, Care and Empathy abound.

When sincere empathy is displayed, Compassion and Understanding flourish.

Where deep understanding is shown, Kindness and Grace overflow.

Where grace is demonstrated, Blessing and Mercy release.

When mercy is freely given, Freedom and Forgiveness surge.

When forgiveness frees, Patience and Peace prosper.

Where patience and peace exist, Love and Intimacy thrive!


To fully live, we all need to give and receive these vital expressions of love. Take a step today to begin expressing these core values to your partner.  Then allow the natural process of intimacy to take shape.


“A Positive Loving Cycle” excerpted from 40 Forms of Intimacy: Integrating Daily Connection Into Your Couple Relationship by Alex A. Avila.

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