Creating More “Happy” Dur...

The holidays are coming. The holidays are coming! Often we may find ourselves in as much disbelief when we hear this statement as our Chicken Little friend who was trying to convince everyone around him that the sky was falling. With every year, time seems to move faster, and these two major holidays slip in well before we […]

The 11 P’s of Gift-Giving

The 11 P’s of Gift-Giving What kind of gifts does your partner like? Practical, handmade and simple? Expensive, showy and shiny? One gift that you remembered your partner telling you about months or even years ago (if it is still within his or her range of interests) might even be more special. Does your partner […]

A Positive Loving Cycle

All too often we can become stuck in negative cycles in our relationship that leave us feeling distant and hopeless that anything could change. Sometimes we need a little help from trusted friends, caring family, and trained professionals. And many times we can examine ourselves and consider how our partner is experiencing us. There is […]

Are You and Your Partner Connected? 

What does it mean to feel connected? Some couples can easily describe what a healthy connection feels like. They feel close and no issues get in the way or keep them at a distance. But feeling connected is more than simply getting along. These couples experience emotional intimacy and feel happy and a sense a […]

Why Premarital Education?

Get equipped for the road ahead! Stepping into a serious commitment such as engagement and marriage should be a well-informed decision. During couple workshops and pre-marital counseling, you will gain insight and practical advice and tools that you will use long after the flowers wilt! “But we get along great and don’t seem to have […]

Do I Need Counseling?

You may wonder, “Do I need counseling?” Stress, depression, anxiety, relationship distress, addictions, anger, impulsive behaviors, low self-esteem, spirituality, and life transitions can all become issues that affect our daily lives, and our relationships. And sometimes we need some help from a caring, competent counselor to get us back on track. Talking to a counseling […]

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