40 Forms of Intimacy® Retreats

Attend a couples retreat facilitated by Alex A. Avila, the author of 40 Forms of Intimacy! Alex is a licensed professional counselor who is passionate about helping couples connect.

The 40 Forms of Intimacy couples retreat offers couples who are seeking to deepen intimacy an opportunity to get away from the routine to enrich their most important relationship.

Through focused exercises, couples will celebrate their current strengths and learn new ways to build and enhance intimacy in numerous other ways.

We are offering the 40 Forms of Intimacy® Couples Retreat for 3 days at the adults-only, all-inclusive Secrets Puerto Los Cabos Golf & Spa Resort in Los Cabos, Mexico! Inquire about dates and details for the next retreat.

Or, learn about practical ways to connect specifically to your partner at the 40 Forms of Intimacy® Workshop, offered in Denver, Colorado, or your United States or international location! Get more information and secure your spot at Relationship Institute of the Rockies!

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